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WRC strongly dissociates from the claim of a ‘miracle’ solution to defeat malaria

Published: 24 May 2013

The Water Reference Center (WRC) dissociates itself in the strongest terms from the content of the recent Master Mineral Solution newsletter (May 2013) entitled “Malaria finally defeated”, supporting YouTube video and supporting publications appearing in Frontier Magazine and others. WRC does not support or endorse in any manner the claims made in relation to this project, and has at no time been involved in ‘clinical trials’ related to malaria treatment.

The WRC expresses its support to the Uganda Red Cross Society and recognises that it has been spearheading prevention programmes across the country over the last decade, as auxiliary to their public authorities and in line with WHO guidelines.

The Water Reference Center is a partnership between the Founding Members who share a common interest and wish to realize the Dream of waking up in a world without any water related problems. The WRC is researching all possible water treatment possibilities to achieve this goal.